Receive personal notifications

Before you start
  • You have connected your Discord account with Atlassian account,
  • You are member of at least one Discord server where Jiri bot is installed.

Additionally you need to have access to at least one project with personal notifications enabled:

Personal notifications can be enabled in Discord project settings page.

Configuring notifications

First, navigate to your Discord user settings (same page you used to connect Discord and Atlassian accounts)

Click on Configure to be redirected to configuration creation page:

Type configuration name, leave both checkboxes checked and click Save. You will be redirected back to settings page. Now you will receive personal notifications next time you are mentioned or when issue you are watching has been updated.

Test personal notifications by asking someone to mention you in the issue description or comment:

You should receive notification on Discord:

You won't get notification if you have changed issue or if you mentioned yourself. This is in order to prevent unnecessary spam.

Connect Jira and Discord accounts
Create issues from Discord