Release notes

Latest changes to the application, in chronological order.


More configuration options for Discord ticket management

  • Configurable actions for Discord threads after JIRA ticket resolution have been introduced: close, lock, both, or none.
  • Added option to enable or disable sending JIRA status updates to Discord threads.
  • Automatic closure of JIRA tickets when Discord threads are closed, powered by Azure-hosted AI to infer ticket resolution type from conversation.
  • More configuration options

Jira Discord ticket UI overhaul for enhanced conversation viewing

  • We've introduced a new Discord thread conversation view, replacing the traditional comment display to improve user experience.
  • A feature has been added to indicate in Jira which messages were sent on a user's behalf (by using 'Reply to Customer' button in JIRA).
  • All known bugs affecting synchronization between Jira and Discord messages have been addressed and resolved, enhancing platform reliability.
  • New Ticket Panel UI

Assignee auto-addition to Discord threads

  • JIRA ticket assignees will now be automatically added to the corresponding Discord threads, assuming their accounts are linked and they are members of the involved Discord server.

Discord thread auto-closure on ticket completion

  • Upon a ticket's completion in JIRA, the corresponding Discord thread is automatically closed.

Image sync from Jira comments to Discord

  • Images uploaded in Jira ticket comments are now also displayed in the linked Discord threads.

Enhanced sync of ticket comments with Jira

  • Every message written in the ticket thread, including attachments and images, will now be sent to the corresponding Jira issue as comments.
  • Comment Sync

Improved notification display of comment text

  • The text of comments is now displayed in notifications, providing more context and detail.

Warning for missing Jiri support permissions

  • Warnings are now generated for missing Jiri Support permissions on Discord servers, facilitating troubleshooting.

Enhanced 'Create Issue' command options

  • New options for setting issue priority and assignee have been added, enriching the issue creation process.
  • The ability to provide a detailed issue description has been introduced, allowing for clearer context.
  • An issue preview dialog is now available, enabling review and confirmation before issue submission.

Announcement channel notification configuration

  • Configuration options for notifications in announcement channels have been added.

Issue detail display for mentioned Jira issues

  • Details of Jira issues mentioned by their key are now posted by the Jiri bot in Discord channels.

Discord notification enhancements

  • Discord notifications can now be configured to include additional issue details such as description, priority, assignee, due date, and sprint name.
  • The author's avatar is displayed within notifications, adding a personal touch.
  • Request type is now included in service desk notifications, providing more information at a glance.

Direct ticket creation from Discord

  • Users can now create tickets directly within Discord, streamlining the process.

Troubleshooting bot permissions made easier

  • Errors are now displayed if the bot lacks 'Send messages' permission, simplifying troubleshooting.

Initial release

  • Notifications for new or updated Jira issues in Discord channels have been launched, alongside personal notifications and the ability to create Jira issues from Discord.
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