Release notes

Latest changes to the application, in chronological order.


Sync ticket comments with Jira!

  • Now, every message written in the ticket thread by the ticket reporter — including attachments and images — will be sent to the corresponding Jira issue as comments and attachments. This means you can view the entire ticket conversation history directly within Jira, and get notifications about new messages.

Displaying comment text in notifications

  • Changed comment notification: displaying comment text

Quality of life improvement: warnings about missing Jiri Support permissions

  • Added warning messages about missing Jiri Support permissions on connected Discord server

New Features for the 'Create Issue' Command!

  • Set Issue Priority and Assignee when creating it thanks to new 'priority' and 'assignee' command options.
  • Set Issue Description: Add more context and clarity to your issues by providing a detailed description when creating them.
  • Enhanced Issue Preview: We've also added a modal dialog that displays issue details before it's created, giving you a chance to review and confirm the information before submission.

Notifications for announcement channels

  • Added ability to configure notifications for announcement channels

Displaying details of mentioned issues

  • Jira issues mentioned by issue key trigger Jiri bot posting message with issue details in Discord channel

Introducing improved Discord Notifications

  • Enhanced notification content: You can now configure Discord notifications to include additional issue details, such as description, priority, assignee, due date, and sprint name
  • Author avatar: Issue author's avatar is now displayed within notifications
  • Service desk update: Request type is included in service desk notifications

Create tickets directly from Discord

  • In this release, we are introducing a seamless way for your users to create tickets directly from Discord

Easier troubleshooting of bot permissions

  • Display 'missing bot permissions' error if bot is missing 'Send messages' permissions on connected Discord server

First version released

  • Receive notifications from Jira to Discord channels about new or updated issues
  • Receive personal notifications
  • Create Jira issues from Discord
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