Create issues from Discord

Before you start
  • Connect your Discord server to at least one Jira project you have access to.
  • Enable Allow users to create new issues from connected Discord servers option in the project settings page (screenshot below).
  • Connect your Discord account with Atlassian account (issues will be created with you as the reporter).
Create Jira issue from Discord

Go to the Discord server with Jiri bot invited, navigate to some channel and type:


You should see the issue create command available and selected:

Now hit Tab button. It will activate the command. You now need to fill all required options.

First, select project:

Then, select type:

And finally write down summary of the issue:

Hit enter. After couple of seconds issue will be created and you will receive message with link to new issue:

You can click the link to verify issue being created correctly, with you as the reporter:

Tip: you can quickly select value by using up/down arrows and move to the next one by clicking Tab button

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